MatchRate Plus Review, Is MatchRate Plus A Scam?

It’s hard to do a review of Match Rate Plus and answer people’s questions as to whether or not it is a scam.  People’s opinions of scams differ, what some people consider a scam other might not.  I’ll try to cover a few of the things as they refer to Match Rate Plus.

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1.  Can you lose any money?

The Match Rate Plus Referral Agent Program is FREE to join, so you can’t lose any money just by joining.  However, to run ANY business you will need to advertise your business.  This is really the only way to lose money.  You should at least get yourself some business cards, maybe put a couple of ads on the internet to grow your Referral Agent Organization.  You might even want to invest a little bit of money and build a website to promote your business.  Like I said earlier, these are expenses that you would have in any business.  You also have to consider the amount of time you put into your business.  I am sure you have heard the phrase “Time Is Money”.

There is also no chance to “Buy A Position” in the company.  How many Home Business and Network Marketing Seminars have you been to that you can join for $99, but to really make money and become a super duper diamond director you will need to buy the $1000 position/package?  and maybe even another $5000 in product to get the points you need to get promoted?  There are absolutely no products to buy in the Match Rate Plus business.  There is nothing you need to inventory.  You cannot end up with a garage full of anything, or the credit card balance that goes with it.

They even give you a free link to send people to so they can sign up for your business.

So my answer to this is: NO  Match Rate Plus will not scam you out of your money.

2.  Are the Match Rate Plus Products any good?

This is a question you need to ask yourself before you promote any business.  Are the products any good, and does anybody want them?  I have lots of friends (and you probably do also) that have closets and garages full of vitamins, water filters, super juices and other “lotions, potions and pills”.  The water filters could be the best water filters in the world, but who really wants one.  The products usually have to cost 100′s of dollars in order to pay commissions all the way up the “pyramid”.  I also made the assumption that the water filters were good.  I bet there are tons of products sitting in people’s garages that aren’t worth anything or work like advertised.  Check ebay and craigslist and I am sure you will find people trying to unload their inventory of product they can’t sell.

The Match Rate Plus products are very good, and maybe even great.  The Merchant Account that you are going to be offering your customers is better than the account they already have.  Match Rate Plus will match the current rate the customer is paying, plus give them a 25% monthly rebate on the commission generated to MatchRate PLUS by their account.  The rebate actually makes the rate lower than the one they are paying now, which makes it better.  The Match Rate Plus Merchant Account can also become a new stream of income for them.  They will be able to refer other businesses and Referral Agents and generate monthly commissions themselves.

With Match Rate Plus you will also be offering a product that every business needs, and probably is already using.  You won’t have to try to talk anyone into buying your new super juice so they can drink it every morning.  You also don’t have to talk anyone into paying $50 – $100 a month for your vitamin drink either.  There is no cost to your customer to join Match Rate Plus.  There is also no cost for other affiliates to join Match Rate Plus as your referral.

So my answer is YES:  Match Rate Plus products are good.

3.  Do I have to get my friends and family to join, and will they hate me when they lose money?

You don’t have to get your friends and family to join.  But, if you explain it to them correctly they should want to join.  It’s free to join so it won’t cost them any money.  They don’t have to try to “sell” anything to anyone or go to weekly meetings at the upline’s house.

So my answer is NO:  Your friends and family won’t hate you and start trying to avoid you if you start this business.  They also won’t lose any money.

Like I said earlier, it’s hard to know what it takes for people to consider something a scam.  Different people have different opinions.  The 3 I discussed above are the “triggers” for me and I think are probably the most popular ones people run into.

So my answer is NO:  Match Rate Plus is not a scam.

Just because it is not a scam doesn’t mean you are going to “get rich quick”.  You will still have to put some work into your Match Rate Plus business.  You will need to find a merchant/businesses to sign up for a Merchant Account.  You will also need to build your Referral Agent Organization and you might have to help them get their one customer and build their business.

Be sure you click on the link in the navigation bar at the top to watch the Match Rate Plus Business Overview.  It will give you much more information that I have provided in this blog post.  You might even see an answer you were looking for when you were trying to find out if Match Rate Plus is a scam or not.  You also might find more information that will convince you that it is an even better home business opportunity than you thought it was.

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